On The Issues

My stand on a number of important social and political issues is as follows:

  • I believe that wars are sometimes inevitable, but that they should always be the option of last resort. We should be more focused on building a stronger national defense at home; and less focused on nation-building around the world.
  • I believe in strong adherence to the Constitution.
  • I believe in balancing the budget.
  • I prefer d├ętente, deterrence and containment in preference to pre-emptive strike strategy except when attack is imminent beyond reasonable doubt.
  • I support evaluating the effectiveness of the No Child Left Behind program and modifying or replacing it as appropriate. A suitable replacement would be a Quality Education Initiative which would concern itself with the development of all students.
  • I do not support privatization or any other approach that would significantly weaken Social Security.
  • I promote increasing energy self-sufficiency with emphasis on renewable energy alternatives.
  • I prefer fair trade agreements over free trade agreements.
  • I support protecting the environment.
  • I am opposed to abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is at risk.
  • I support affirmative action, but I oppose quotas.