There are as many as twelve million to twenty million illegal immigrants in the United States today1. Hundreds of thousands more enter the country illegally every year.  They are trying to improve their condition in life, which is fully understandable.  However, the United States can only effectively assimilate a much smaller number annually.  Acceptable numbers of legal immigrants are processed by the Bureau of U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of the Department of Homeland Security each year.

Most illegal immigrants are paid wages at or near the minimum wage.  It is almost impossible for wages of both legal and illegal immigrants to increase under the present situation.  This is because the number of additional illegal immigrants each year exceeds the increase in demand generated by the economy for types of labor typically performed by incoming illegal immigrants.

The book “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck sheds some light on what is happening today with illegal immigration.  Steinbeck described a situation in which poor people from Oklahoma and other states traveled to California for work during the depression.  More people kept arriving in California than were needed to perform the available work so the wages for both the current workers and new arrivals were continuously reduced. Likewise, failure to secure our borders is holding down wages of existing illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, and workers born in the United States as well.

Securing our borders would also reduce the flow of illegal drugs into the United States.  It is estimated that “between 70 and 90 percent of cocaine entering the United States from South America passes through mainland Mexico or its waters2.”

The most important reason for doing a better job of securing our borders is national security.  Even simple types of bombs that are easy to make can do substantial amounts of damage as witnessed in the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing in 19953.

A border security bill needs to be passed without being bogged down by all of the considerations addressed in a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  We must secure our borders for the safety and the protection of our citizenry first!  Then the plusses or minuses of other considerations can be debated.

I promote deploying 10,000 troops to our border with Mexico to help control illegal immigration.  I also promote the development of detention centers that will house up to a total of 100,000 illegal immigrants who are apprehended.   Presently, illegal immigrants are returned to Mexico a short time after being apprehended.  Many try to immediately reenter the U. S. again.  I recommend that the period of detainment for apprehended illegal immigrants be three months.  This would help resolve the “revolving door” situation that we have now.

We the people need less talk from our national politicians and more action.  Our past congress was known as a “do nothing” congress because partisan bickering lead to gridlock.  We cannot as a nation afford to allow our borders to go substantially unsecured any longer.  I stand ready to advance these bold initiatives to enhance our national security.

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